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Our primary purpose is to provide scholarships to MTHS students who are working to better this world and their community (according to the guidelines established). Your annual membership dues and other contributions help us provide these well-deserving students with scholarships. Will you consider helping us meet that goal?

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Rio Grande School Bricks Available

Get a souvenir brick from the recently demolished Rio Grande Elementary School. Contact Mike Hajek to arrange to pick them up from his house. Phone: 609-886-3995 or email:

About Us

The purpose of the Middle Township High School Alumni Association, Inc. is: To provide scholarships to students of Middle Township High School who meet the guidelines established by the corporations Scholarship Committee. The organization is governed by a Board of Trustees guided by the By-Laws of the Association. Trustees are elected by a majority vote of the members present at the Annual Dinner meeting and each serve a 3 year term. The officers are elected by the Trustees at the first regular meeting following the Annual Dinner.